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Host an Event

Host a Fundraising Event

A third-party or beneficiary fundraiser is one that is hosted by an individual, business, or other entity with a goal to fundraise on behalf of Operation Red Wings Foundation. These fundraisers are considered self-sufficient and will not be managed or sponsored by Operation Red Wings Foundation and the fundraiser agrees to use guidelines set forth by the organization. If you are interested in holding a fundraising event, a great first step is to contact us regarding your event.


  • Upon reviewing your completed form, we will provide a pre-determined set of assets to ensure the fundraiser has official and accurate messaging and marketing materials. 
  • Due to the demand and expense of sending representatives to fundraisers, we are unable to commit an appearance by our staff. In order to meet the goals of our mission, we must keep expenses to a minimum.
  • Operation Red Wings Foundation is not bound to promote, advertise, or otherwise facilitate the success of your event. 
  • Once this form is submitted, a representative from Operation Red Wings Foundation will be in touch.

Apply to host event