Living Expenses

Program 2023/2024

LES Scholarship



February 15

Launch of the Living Expenses Scholarship Program

April 25

Deadline to submit completed online application

May 18

Finalist candidates to be announced

June 7

Deadlines for finalists to submit their completed application and video

July 5

Winners to be announced.

On behalf of the Garcia Family Foundation, we want to thank all of you who applied for our Living Expenses Scholarship Program 23. After careful consideration, this year we selected 9 (nine) students have been selected as recipients. The winners are:


Alan Silva Alencar de Moura

Camily Pereira dos Santos

Cauã dos Santos Rodrigues

Larissa de Brito Moreira

Lucas Monteiro Paes

Maria Rita de Albuquerque Franca

Maria Vitoria Rosa Sypnievski

Pietro de Souza

Talyta Franca

Attention winners: Our team will contact you with more information.
If your name is not included, we do encourage you to reapply in 2023. Please continue to check our website and social media for updates.

2023 Distribution

The Garcia Family Foundation – GFF – for Art, Culture, and Education is a US-based charitable foundation. 

Central to GFF’s mission is a strong belief that education should be accessible to everyone because it is the key ingredient to success in this world.

GFF understands that affordability is a major hurdle to a first-class education and that no one should have to give up his or her education because of tuition amount or costs of living. GFF wishes to concentrate its help on living expenses as many universities and other foundations already provide scholarships for tuition. 

In 2023, GFF will grant eight (8), six thousand dollar ($6,000) Living Expenses Scholarships.

To be considered, eligible students must meet the below requirements before submitting an application:

1) a Brazilian National;
2) enrolled at a competitive United States University; and
3) physically living in the United States.

  1. (8) scholarships of $6,000USD a year will be granted to assist students with their living expenses for the 2023-2024 academic year. 
  2. All fields of study are encouraged to apply.  
  3. Low-income students are especially encouraged to apply. 
  4. The Living Expenses Scholarship will not discriminate in any way concerning race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.
  5. The Living Expenses Scholarship can be awarded to graduate and undergraduate students.
  6. To apply, students must submit all of the following: 
    – CV
    – Two most recent grade transcripts
  7. Two essay submissions are required. Both responses must be written in English and between 250-300 words:

    The following question is mandatory for all applicants:
    a) Tell us about yourself and how would this scholarship make a difference for you?

    Additionally, please choose ONE of the following prompts:
    b) You are tasked with creating a new category for the Nobel Prize. Explain what it would be, why you choose your specific category, and the criteria necessary to achieve this accomplishment.
    c) How has your own background influenced the types of problems you want to solve, the people you want to work with, and the impact you hope your work can have.

Once the applications have been received, GFF will notify applicants whether they have reached the second phase and advise on the process for the final decision.

Finally, GFF informs that: 

  • Past recipients of the Living Expenses Scholarship are encouraged to reapply provided they have successfully fulfilled all previous requirements. 
  • Scholarship announcements and updates will be made through social media. By applying, all candidates automatically consent to our Terms and Data Policy. 

We look forward to congratulating the students selected to receive the GFF Living Expenses Scholarship for 2023-2024.

We wish good luck to all applicants!

Renata and Claudio Garcia
GFF Founders

LES Scholarship


Form submission is now closed!

LES Scholarship


One of my academic transcripts is in portuguese. Do I need to translate it to English?
No! You can send us your transcripts in portuguese.
If I was accepted now to start my studies in the US in August 2023. Can I apply?
Yes! The scholarship program opens for registration on February 15th!
Is there an age limit for LES application?
No! No age limit.
Are Brazilians who are applying to Canadian universities eligible?
No, only US universities.
Can I send my high school transcripts?
If you are applying as an undergraduate candidate, yes you can!
I haven't moved yet to the US. Can I apply anyway?
No. Your program is dedicated to Brazilian students only.
If my program will start in Fall 2023, can I still apply?
You can apply to the LES if by April 25 you have been accepted at a competitive university in the US.
Am I eligible if I’m studying in a US university, but the campus is in another country?
If you are taking online classes you are not eligible for the scholarship.
Can I apply if accepted by multiple universities but haven't chosen one yet (LLM)?
Yes, you can. If you become a winner, you must be enrolled.
My scholarship is almost a full ride, but still requires me to work on campus. Can I use LES to cover that amount?
Yes, you can!
Is the CV expected to be a professional or academic one? How long should it be?
It is up to you! Length does not matter, one page on average is good!
If I’m going to be a freshman in the fall, what should I submit as the two latest transcripts in application?
Please send us your two latest high school transcripts.
Is there a preference for undergraduate candidates vs. MBAs applicants granting the scholarship?
All applications undergraduate, graduate, LLM, MBA, PhD are considered.
I’ve received admission to a university but I’m still in Brazil. Am I elegible?
You can apply if you have been accepted at a competitive university and will be moving to the US before Fall 2023. No online classes are accepted by GFF.
What can be considered a competitive university?
No unique criteria. There are a few but not limited, such as Forbes ranking and similar, admissions percentage, etc. Everything is related to the candidate’s story and background.
What does two most recent grade transcripts mean? Wouldn't it just be one?
Two last years of transcripts.